CEP Blogosphere – Mid May Roundup

Posted by: Tim Bass

May has been an interesting month around the CEP blogosphere. Mark Palmer and the Apama team continues to lead the field with informative, interesting and provocative posts. I would like to personally commend Mark for his leadership in the community-at-large.

TIBCO’s CEP blog has been active thanks to posts by Alan Lundberg, Paul Vincent and (formerly) me. Brenda Michelson’s post, Event Processing Conversation Shifts from Research to Practitioners, did an excellent job listing the major event processing blogs in the ole’ blogosphere. David Luckham and Roy Schulte published the draft event processing glossary based as part of ongoing work in the EPST.

Khanderao, an Architect at Oracle Corp, entered the field with an inaccurate blog post related to CEP. In this post, Khanderao falls into the same old “database-centric trap” of misrepresenting CEP as just another high speed, continuous query event (data) stream processing technology. This mistaken view appears to be an ongoing “database versus distributed messaging” memetic remnant.

Marco of RuleCore has been unusually quiet lately after an excellent post back in March on My Two Types of Event Processing, where Marco did a nice job of describing his views on two event processing styles; time series filtering and track and trace. At the end of April, Mark Tsimelzon of Coral8 blogs a bit of memetic frustration over technical discussions around similar discussions of ESP and CEP.

The normally lively CEP-Interest discussion group has been quiet as activity shifts from email forums to the CEP blogosphere. Maybe we will see more event processing blogging activity from the Dagstuhl seminar on Event Processing – May 6-11, 2007 like the one just in (updated earlier post) from Marco or the Wiki by Claudi?

Copyright © 2007 by Tim Bass, All Rights Reserved.

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