Open Source Gaining in SOA, ESB and EAI

It is great for CEP, and event processing in general, when publish/subscribe messaging, ESB, SOA and EAI become inexpensive commodities.   This is exactly what is happening thanks to companies like MuleSource.  MuleSource is in production today in hundreds of major enterprises worldwide, including big names like:  American Airlines, Bank of America, British Telecom, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank,  HSBC, Matsushita Electric,  NASA, Nomura Bank, Reuters, Samsung, Southwest Airlines, and Verizon, just to name a few.

MuleSorce now has solutions for ESB, SOA, B2B, and EAI and is supported on Red Hat / Fedora Linux, Windows Server, Solaris SPARC / X86, Suse / Ubuntu / Debian Linux,  FreeBSD and OSX.    Here is a graphic of the Mule Services Backbone:

There is solid momentum for open source solutions at the messaging and integration layer. This is good news for complex event processing architects who need solid open source platforms for messaging and integration. 


2 Responses to Open Source Gaining in SOA, ESB and EAI

  1. Matt Green says:

    There are other open source products in this arena too, for example JBoss ESB (

  2. […] Open Source Gaining in SOA, ESB and EAI – Apparently there is solid momentum for open source solutions at the messaging and integration layer now. […]

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