CEP Opportunities at InformationSecurityAsia2007

Today is the first day here at InformationSecurityAsia2007. Interestingly, we heard from today’s keynote speakers about the emerging market for vulnerability auctions, eBay-like auction houses for buying and selling information security vulnerabilities to the highest bidder. Clearly, experts in Asia are focused on the same topics as experts worldwide.

At the first break, I had the chance to meet one of the senior managers for CRM at one of the largest retail conglomerates in Thailand. The conversation quickly turned to event processing and how CEP can be used for real-time, adaptive customer interaction management. I described some of the great work in this area that I am familiar with at TIBCO Software and was invited follow-up next week in Bangkok. Merging real-time customer interaction with historical data is as important to large retailers in Thailand as much as large financial institution in Singapore or New York.

Then, by chance, I meet a young and very bright Thai who works for one of the largest market data and news companies in the world. I described to her the Progress Apama solution for elementizing news and how her firm might consider the CEP concept of event stream processing to provide a value added risk/opportunity service for both the buy side and the sell side. In other words, instead of each trading house or financial institution building their own elementized news risk/opportunity engine, why not simply offer the services to their existing customers. She immediately understood the value and asked me to forward her the Apama presentation and news release on this topic.

I also met a young risk management person who works for a large European based life insurance company. I described to her the value proposition for white-box event processing technologies for combating fraud. Although she had not yet been exposed to the ideas behind CEP or ESP, she immediately understood the value of having an easy-to-use graphical design studio to implement rules that can be applied to on-line transactions in real-time.

Interesting, one of the speakers described how criminals now set up free wireless access points at hotels and conferences with network ids that look just like legitimate network ids. Then, users who are naturally keen to connect freely to the Internet on business travel unexpectedly connect to a “free” wireless access point controlled by criminals! So be careful connecting to those free wireless access points that appear in your network scan. You never know who is behind the wireless curtain!

More from InformationSecurityAsia2007 later ….


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