InformationSecurityAsia2007 – Roundup

InformationSecurityAsia2007 was good, but could have been better.   Most of the participants enjoyed the sessions on extrusion detection, indepth root kit analysis, and wireless hacking.    There were also excellent presentations on the new Thai cybercrime law which goes into effect next week, as well as very good reports on cybercrime from Thai cybercrime fighting authorities.   

For me, the conference was personally very rewarding, because I could read many of the power point presentations in Thai, as well as listen to the Thai speakers without the aid of the translation headphones.    In fact, I found that I absorbed much more information listening to the Thai speakers without the simultaneous English translation.   You can imagine how rewarding this might have been.

In my opinion, future conferences would be much improved if the organizers reduce or eliminate the talks from (ISC)2 board members and include more state-of-the-art talks on event processing and related security topics, such as fraud detection, market surveillance, anti-money laundering, and complex event processing.   Also, the sponsored talks (from “gold sponsor” companies) were disappointing, they should have been guided to speak on topics in context to current events in Thailand, such as the new cybercrime law that goes into effect in the Kingdom next week.

I was very impressed with the entire team from ACIS in Thailand, led by a very talented Dr. Prinya Hom-Anek.   I really enjoyed each of his presentations, as well as all the technical presentation by the ACIS staff members.   In addition, the entire team at ACIS was very warm and generous with their time during the conference.   In closing, I want to personally thank ACIS for their kindness, warm smiles, and all our discussions during the event.


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