An Event Cloud Generator for CEP Testing

Alexander Widder (Centrum für Informations-Technologie Transfer GmbH, Germany),  and I have been discussing the need for an event cloud generator that could be used for generating CEP scenarios for testing and evaluation purposes.   For example, integrating  flat files from UNIX/Linux syslog generators  (if one exists, need to check) with an open source ESB like Mule (from MuleSource) might be interesting. 

Another possibility (there are many possibilities, naturally) would be to use open source ESP software, for example Esper, to generate a stream of events that would be published to an open ESB like MuleSource to model and simulate (or generate) an event cloud. 

We all read a lot of posts, marketing material and blog entries about numerous CEP and ESP topics related to event processing; but we don’t have an open, standards based CEP event generator that can be used to model and simulate CEP scenarios.   I think it is time for a group of “vendor neutral” folks to work together in this important area.  Anyone interested?  Please comment.


2 Responses to An Event Cloud Generator for CEP Testing

  1. Minor correction. The ESB name is Mule, the company name is MuleSource

  2. […] CEP on CEP-Interest lately and have introduced the topic of “event cloud generation” here.    For those interested in applying CEP to intrusion detection, there is an evaluation dataset […]

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