CEP Soapbox: Moving from Marketing to Modelling

Many of the folks in the event processing community are my dear friends, so I hesitate to stand up on my vulnerable soapbox and speak a piece of my mind. If you would be so kind to permit me to get on my soapbox without naming names or providing links, that would be much appreciated.

I read papers and blogs from friends and colleagues on topics such as CEP and EDA, CEP and BPM, CEP and SOA, CEM and business rules, and so forth, and so on; marketing and positioning CEP without substance. Making matters more noteworthy is the blogosphere marketing where folks trackback or reference each other’s positioning and marketing comments, positioning CEP as everything under the sun (EDA, SOA, BPM), and missing the point of what CEP actually is!

Whoa ….

If you happened to read my last post on an “event cloud generator” or followed the discussion I started in the CEP-Interest group on Yahoo!, you can see that the community has yet to agree on what is an event cloud, much less generate one! So, we all read positioning after positioning statements on CEP as EDA, as SOA, as BPM, as BI, as decision support, as rules, and how great it is; but we can’t yet model and simulate these “complex events” everyone is all taking about.


Perhaps this is why CEP is influenced by something I now call, positioning (or marketing) reductionism; reducing the promise of CEP to something legacy, like BPM or business rules; or something trendy, like SOA. Maybe this is why we still have good and very capable people writing papers on why events are important, but we don’t have user friendly modelling and simulation tools to help people understand how to use CEP.

Anyway, the sun is setting over the beautiful Chao Phraya river in Bangkok as I type to you from the 26th floor of the Royal Orchid Sheraton. Maybe you are thinking “why would anyone be standing on their CEP soapbox from such a beautiful place?”


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