BEA Event Server Screencast: Airport Lost Baggage Use Case

BEA has a nice screencast that demonstrates event processing in airport operations. Their screencast illustrates how WebLogic Event Server can be configured to detect missing events, a requirement often discussed in many CEP and ESP applications (not unique to BEA). The demo uses SL’s RTV, also used by TIBCO and Progress Apama, as a business activity monitoring (BAM) platform to monitor airline’s check-in, baggage handling, and departure processes.

BEA’s demo is an excellent example of the application of our functional CEP reference architecture, illustrating event preprocessing, object track and trace, situation detection, dynamic BPM and BAM. The demo uses topic-based JMS as the event transport API, illustrating the importance of message-oriented middleware (MOM) in event processing applications. In addition, the demo illustrates the use of BEA’s SQL-like event processing language (EPL).


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