Brandl and Guschakowski Deliver Excellent CEP/BAM Report

Hans-Martin Brandl and David Guschakowski of the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, Faculty of Information Technology/Mathematics, have delivered an excellent CEP thesis, Complex Event Processing in the context of Business Activity Monitoring, to their advisor Dr. Rainer v. Ammon.   In their report they examined a BAM application using CEP concepts to implement what they referred to as a “next generation easyCredit” activity, using CEP software from Coral8, Business Bridge (Systar France), StreamBase, and TIBCO.

Here is one of the noteworthy quotes from the CITT report:

“TIBCO offers a huge portfolio for implementing CEP-based BAM. According to the requirements of this thesis, four components were utilized; TIBCO EMS, TIBCO BE, TIBCO BW and TIBCO RTView. TIBCO BE correlated all events correctly, based on the requirements. Due to the implementation of the TIBCO specific visualization tool RTView, a presentation of the correlated data is possible. RTView provides a variety of charts, dashboards and other visualization options in order to display the relevant metrics like “loss by cancelled credit applications” or performance and status of the deployed business logic components respectively JSPs. The messaging application TIBCO EMS provides multiple adaptors for all incoming and outgoing event-types. When increasing the amount of incoming CBEs, TIBCO´s BE processed well, according to the applied rules and concepts. With TIBCO BW it was possible to create, orchestrate and execute all relevant processes.”

I highly recommend everyone who is interested in BAM applications of CEP to download and read this report (240 page  thesis), look at the screenshots and learn more about CEP and BAM.


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