EDA Visualized

Below is a graphic I put together for my September Gartner presentation, Getting Started in CEP: How to Build an Event Processing Application, called “EDA Visualized.”

EDA Visualized

In this graphical representation of EDA, we show the sense-and-respond model around the functional CEP/EP reference architecture. I have slightly modified the traditional view of “Sense – Analyze – Respond” to “Sense – Analyze and Visualize – Respond” because visualization tools are critically important.

Key EDA Concepts

Sense – Detect events across the enterprise in real-time. Normalize and contextualize.

Analyze & Visualize – Aggregate events across multiple sources; correlate with historical data, refine.

Respond – Manage resources, processes; Invoke actions in real-time.

The Sense – Analyze and Visualize – Respond (decision loop) model illustrates the high level concepts of EDA (the “what”) and the CEP/EP functional reference architecture (adapted from the JDL model) represents “the how”, from a high level functional components perspective.


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