Event Processing Thinking by Opher Etzion

Finally! After months of encouragement, our dear event processing colleague Opher Etzion has started his blog, Event Processing Thinking. I am very pleased about this and look forward to staying in tune with Opher’s thoughts on event processing.

I really enjoyed reading his recent post, EP, CEP, ESP, DSP, SEP, MEP, BPEP and more where Opher does an excellent job of providing a overview of some of the terminology issues and how these issues have impacted vendor marketing.

As Opher points out, it has been very interesting how a number of software vendors in this space originally rejected the term “complex event processing” because they thought this term was too “complex” (and not good for marketing) and preferred a more simple phrase, like “event stream processing”. Now, the software vendor community has complex event processing splashed across their many web pages and marketing announcements.

Opher and I agree on many, if not most. topics; and we have worked together very closely over the past two years. In order to keep things interesting, I’ll continue to do my part to keep the blogobuzz going by commenting on Opher’s posts from time to time.

Opher, Welcome to the Blogosphere!


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