Highlights of the Gartner Event Processing Symposium 2007

There have been some good blog posts on the Orlando conference from Alan Lundberg and Paul Vincent (TIBCO), John Trigg (Apama) and Opher Etzion (IBM), so I’ll try not to be repetitive and provide a few highlights. from my perspective.

Roy Schulte did a great job putting together the program for Gartner’s first Event Processing Symposium. The symposium was so successful that Gartner’s Pascal Winckel has already announced the second conference in August 2008, to be held in New York.

Off the top of my head, I enjoyed Dr. Mani Chandi’s talk on the cost-benefits of EDA and how to view the trade-offs desiging SOA and EDA applications.

My favorite presentation was by Ian Koenig of Thompson Financial. Ian did a wonderful job describing event processing, and NewsML, from a financial services perspective. His talk was very timely as he masterfully told a story of processing and correlating events from Level 1 and Level 2 quotes, News, Research, Filings, Deals (M&A), Financials and Estimates.

I was also impressed with Eric Bruner and Joe Tooman’s (SallieMae) presentation on web click-stream processing. Eric and Joe had some very impressive dashboards they made with Java ChartDirector, which they (joking) said they eventually purchased for $99.

It was difficult for me to choose between watching my former colleagues at TIBCO or eBay’s Scott Clement presentation about their system monitoring solution with BEA. Being a frequent eBay’er and long standing “network guy” I ended up at the eBay/BEA session. It was very good.

Also, it was enjoyable to watch Wombat’s Danny Moore and BoA’s Robert Almgren talk about their event processing experiences in financial services. Robert did an excellent job to demystify the “mythical events per second,” followed by a solid editorial comment by Opher.

Dr. David Luckham gave one of his best presentations. Following in the historical footsteps of Alvin Toffler and John Naisbitt, David painted the “Jetson’s View” of the future of event processing, covering such topics as:

  • Global Air Traffic Control;
  • World Wide Epidemiology;
  • Long Term Environmental Forecasts;
  • Mobility in the Future Metropolis (Meet George Jetson!); and
  • Privacy for the Common Man.

The audience left the conference greatly inspired by David and his clear vision of the future of event processing.

Congratulations are in order to Gartner for a successful program!

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