EDA, SOA and EP in the Blogosphere

My dear EPRAWG co-chair and leading event processing community builder Opher Etzion, added to the chorus of my recent post, EDA is EDA. SOA is SOA. with More on EDA is EDA and SOA is SOA. Opher correctly elaborates that event processing can be event driven, as in EDA; or event processing can be request-reply driven, as in SOA and similar request-reply architectures.

Now, if I could just convince all my fellow CEP and EP bloggers to turn on trackbacks and pingbacks so we could benefit from the core sense of community that blogs offer! TIBCO’s CEP blog does not respond to trackbacks and pingbacks; so this isolates their posts from the true benefit of the blogosphere. Opher’s blog is not responding to pingbacks and trackbacks either.

So, I kindly ask all my friends in the CEP/EP community to take a moment to insure that their trackbacks are working, so we can benefit from building the CEP/EP blogosphere as a community.

In closing, I think I speak for everyone in our community when I say that we greatly miss the leadership and insight of our good friend Mark Palmer in the blogosphere – and we wish him the very best and look forward to his future posts and collaboration!

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