Reference Customers are the Gold Standard for CEP

November 8, 2007

All customers (who are end users) I have been working with this year are not very concerned about (academically) interesting event processing technical details like “EPLs” or “latency”.  Moreover,  customers are almost completely disinterested in marketing terms like “BAM” or “SOA” or “EDA” or “XTP”.  

Customers, not surprisingly, are simply demanding end user reference customers and knowledge of their use cases (without the marketing hype or tactical technical debates).

Congrats (and hats off) to the software vendors who are both winning and announcing event processing deals with their customers – and who are avoiding the hype and the debates.

Particularly noteworthy has been StreamBase and their series of deals monitoring on-line gaming and virtual world applications.   This is an effectively market strategy similar to Apama and their early success in capital markets.  

At this stage of the market, it is really useful for vendors to focus on specific applications (and markets) and build a solid footprint with reference clients versus “boiling the ocean” and trying to be “all things to everyone” or chasing the marketing terms (like BAM, EDA, SOA, BI, and the rest of the marketing alphabet soup).

The Gold Standard for CEP and event processing is in reference customers.