Aite Estimates Revenue From CEP-Related Products Will Reach $460 Million By 2010

Here is an interested article by Nathan Conz and Melanie Rodier, Predictive Analytics and Complex Event Processing Technology Move to Cutting Edge of Financial Services Industry.

In the article, Aite estimates that revenues for CEP-related products will quadruple in the next two years reaching $460 million by 2010.  The broader event processing (EP) category, which Aite says comprises the range of applications that facilitate the aggregation and processing of events, will reach $1 billion.

Aite implies that there will be around $115 million USD of CEP software sales in 2007.  I don’t think this figure is accurate.    The total sales figure for CEP related software sales for 2007 will be less than half of the figure by Aite.


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