Event Cloud Computing – IBM Turning Data Centers Into ‘Computing Cloud’

 I predict we may experience less debates on the use of the term “event cloud” related to CEP in the future, now that both IBM and Google  have made announcements about “cloud computing” and “computing cloud”, IBM Turning Data Centers Into ‘Computing Cloud’

“The initiative also builds on IBM’s announcement with Google last  month that they are developing cloud computing environments for  academic use.  But today’s announcement is aimed more widely at corporations and government users that want the extreme scale made possibly by lashing together pools of computers.”

This also furthers the notion and architecture we have been advocating, that event processing will move toward a distributed, cooperative computing model..


2 Responses to Event Cloud Computing – IBM Turning Data Centers Into ‘Computing Cloud’

  1. Paul Vincent says:

    “Lashing together pools of computers”? Sounds like Gil (http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/uk/eserver/iseries/takebackcontrol/) is back in charge at IBM!

    But fully agree, Tim. Its a cloud of events (some of which are streaming)…

  2. Opher Etzion says:

    Cloud computing is about virtualization of servers to access software via the Internet, the idea is to be a platform to virtualize a massive data center, and provide services such as – load balancing, provisioning etc.. , it can also be used to run event processing applications that rquire high throughput by using parallelism techniques on multiple servers. Event cloud typically refers to events that arrive from different sources and viewed by a single application, these cocnepts are somewhat different. BTW – in Hebrew the word equivalent to “cloud” in English has a negative meaning – in the Hebrew equivalent of the sentence “her face became cloudy” the “cloudy” means – gloomy, sad…. I wonder if in English cloud does not carry negative association – a matter of culture maybe.


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