The Top Ten Security Threats for 2008 (Part 11)

Continuing my list of the top ten cybersecurity threats for 2008, here is another looming threat:

      — Spying by governments, industry and criminals.

Spying, also known as espionage, is the crime of illegally gathering secret or confidential information about a government or commercial entity.  This also includes stealing proprietary information and intellectual property.  Often espionage directed toward as individual is grouped into the less malicious sounding category of privacy crimes; however,  I am going to group all these crimes into the same category, spying.

Espionage is a serious threat.   Nations sponsor espionage to learn about other nations and industries.   Industries sponsor espionage too.  Remember the HP spying scandal of 2006?  

Espionage is location independent in the globally connected world of cyberspace; and spying makes our list as one of the top ten cybersecurity threats of 2008.


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