The Top Ten Security Threats for 2008 (Part 14) – Vandalism

Here is my ninth entry on the top ten cybersecurity threats for 2008:

      — Cyberspace vandalism.

Cyberspace vandalism is the defacement or destruction of visible web sites or less visible computer systems (for example files).   Dangerous acts of vandalism are by often politically or antisocially motivated criminals who break into a web site, steal or destroy files if they can, and then leave a “calling card,” similar to urban grafitti by gangs. 

Computer and web vandalism, as a cybersecurity threat, has been around for a long time.   However, we have seen the threat increasing as radical and extremist groups expand their political and social objectives cyberspace.    The “bragging rights” element of vandalism still exists; but this is falling out of favor to criminal financial gain.    Cyber vandalism can also be used to damage the brand and reputation of organizations.


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