Goldman Sachs Downgrades TIBCO (TIBX) to Sell

I was looking at some of my favorite CEP companies this morning and noticed that Goldman Sachs analyst Derek Bingham just downgraded vendor TIBCO Software (TIBX) to Sell.

According to Bingham, here,

… customers will move away from buying more expensive “best-of-breed” offerings, like Tibco”s products, and more toward buying less expensive “good enough” substitutes that are bundled with broader solutions from the likes of IBM, Oracle Corp. and SAP AG.

At the time of this post, TIBCO was down around 5 percent in premarket trading.


2 Responses to Goldman Sachs Downgrades TIBCO (TIBX) to Sell

  1. Paul Vincent says:

    … in April 07! See for the latest reports 😉

  2. Tim Bass says:

    Hi Paul,

    TIBCO has been upgraded recently primarily due to buyout speculation.

    It is well established that many software companies will suffer when the financial services industry is cutting costs.

    Recession fears and the subprime crisis do not bode will for middleware in FSI. However, if a company is rich with cash, it is a good time to buy another company.

    Just my opinion ….

    Yours sincerely, Tim

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