A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to Xiamen

We leave for a short business trip to Xiamen, China, tomorrow, staying at the Sheraton Xiamen Hotel.   

Here are the current prices for a short visa to China from the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok.

  •         Thai Nationals       1000 Baht
  •         Other Nationals     1500 Baht
  •         US Citizens            3450 Baht

This is the first time I have run into this type of visa pricing structure as long as I can remember.

What do you think will happen when we get off the plane?

Stay tuned…..

One Response to A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to Xiamen

  1. Changhai Ke says:

    Nice to hear that you go to Xiamen.

    When you go outside of the gate, people will come to ask you if you need a taxi. For less than 100 RMB, you can go everywhere in the city. Normally the taxis have a counter.

    Xiamen is a very nice city, nice food, nice climate, nice everything, if you don’t meet the typhon which blocks you several days…

    Xiamen is very famous in China, because it is in front of Taiwan, it is also known as the country of oversea’s chinese, and is previously one of the special economic zones in China.

    Enjoy your stay there.

    Changhai Ke
    A Xiamen native

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