StreamBase and the Progress Apama Trademark

Today I logged into to the blog-o-sphere to read this polite, but shocking, post by Chris Martins, Progress ApamaThe Power of the Apama Name.   

The post is shocking to me because it appears that StreamBase was blatantly abusing and violating the Apama trademark in a Google Adsense marketing campaign.

I find this hard to believe, and wonder if someone else, not StreamBase, was actually running this Adsense campaign.   I cannot imagine StreamBase doing something so ethically and legally wrong; and hope that what we are seeing is an attack on StreamBase’s integrity and not an actual Adsense campaign by StreamBase.

From a legal perspective, StreamBase is liable for any loss of business or damages to Progress by wilfully violating the Apama trademark.

Frankly speaking, if StreamBase was responsible for this Adsense campaign memorialized in Chris’ post, then StreamBase owes Apama, at a minimum, a public apology. 


4 Responses to StreamBase and the Progress Apama Trademark

  1. Interesting practice of “borrowing” other trademarks in this way. I just had to check the status of ‘ruleCore’ and I’m a slightly disappointed that only Coral8 seems to have discovered us in adwords advertising 😉 I think we need to work on our brand name a bit more so the other vendors start borrowing it too 😉

  2. Tim Bass says:

    Hi Marco,

    As Chris Martin correctly points out, there is a wide ethical and legal gap between using a trademark in a search-match-display criteria versus actually displaying the trademark in the advertisement.

    StreamBase appears to have seriously crossed the line by displaying the Apama trademark in the ad, if indeed the ad was initiated by StreamBase and not a third party who hoped to to damage StreamBase’s reputation and call their integrity into question.

    We should not be quick to rush to judgement, since it is possible for third parties run ads like this that, when discovered, would seriously damage the StreamBase name.

    It is not a joking matter, it is quite serious.

  3. Tim Bass says:

    Hi Folks,

    StreamBase has done the right thing and apologized to Apama for the mistake, which seemingly was caused by a contractor, according to StreamBase.

    I am glad the good folks at Progress accepted the apology.

    Yours faithfully, Tim

  4. Paul Vincent says:

    Perhaps the Streambase “contractor” really meant to refer to the ancient Greek complex family event processing, per Wikipedia…


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