Joe McKendrick, in Taking the ‘complex’ out of complex event processing, makes a case for renaming CEP, BEP.

Joe references IBM’s Sandy Carter, as I did in my post earlier today, IBM Says Business Event Processing is Not CEP.

Joe wants to change the world “complex” to “business” in CEP because he believes the word “complex” is not good for marketing.

The problem with Joe’s approach, as I see it, is that CEP is different than BEP.  However, I remain open-minded on the topic.

There is quite a difference in event-driven orchestration-oriented processing, BEP. and situation detection-oriented event processing, CEP.

BEP is, for the most part, about orchestrating event-driven business processes.

CEP is about detecting opportunities and threats (situations) in real-time.

It is not clear to me that simply renaming BEP CEP touches the core technical and business differences.

One Response to BEP is BEP, CEP is CEP

  1. Alex Kozlenkov says:

    First post here, so hello everybody. I would like to second the above opinion. In my view, BEP lies at a different level of abstraction than CEP. I would also like to see the BEP/CEP field research frameworks that go beyond (complex) events detection and include the response part of the equation. What I mean by that is standardised frameworks for orchestration, actions (that also become new events), strategies (e.g., in trading), etc. We are looking for decision making technologies both at lower level (closer to real-time and CEP) and higher level, almost business wide (e.g., reasoning about business strategies).

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