Events are the Heart of the COSO ERM Framework

COSO was originally formed in 1985 to sponsor the National Commission on Fraudulent Financial Reporting, an independent private sector initiative which studied the cause-and-effects that can lead to fraudulent financial reporting. 

COSO developed enterprise risk management (ERM) recommendations for public companies and their independent auditors, and also for the SEC, other regulators, and for educational institutions.

At the heart of COSO is events and how events, both opportunity and threat-related events, in context, effect enterprise risk management.

Detecting opportunity and threats in real-time, both mentioned in COSO, is a core CEP concept; so I will be blogging on how CEP relates to COSO and ERM (and also Basel II ORM) in a future blog post.

Please stay tuned …

One Response to Events are the Heart of the COSO ERM Framework

  1. Risk says:

    Please resolve my querry that,
    As some banks are going for IRB and some for Standard approach, so in such scenario even small change in the degree of risk gets translated into a large amount of additional capital requirement for the IRB banks, they will shun high risk clients. As a result these clients would eventually approach the banks wiht standardized approach.

    So what are the measures or how this kind of situations will be handled?

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