Aite Group Finds Huge Gains for CEP

February 6, 2008

A report by the Aite Group, Capital Markets Firms to Spend $41.8 Billion on IT in 2008,  finds that twice as many IT executives are planning to spend money on SOA compared to CEP.

“46% of respondents plan to implement a SOA this year.  [and ….] 23% anticipate adopting a complex event processing solution […]. “

Considering the many years of hype about SOA, this is a stunning gain for CEP.

SOA has been around for many years, so long in fact, folks often refer to SOA as “Same Old Architecture”.    Therefore, given the fact that the market for CEP is only just now starting to come into play, it is quite impressive that an emerging technology such as CEP is now in the funding radar at levels that are only half of the planned SOA implementations.

The Aite Group writes that “in spite of CEP vendor hype, only 23% anticipate adopting a complex event processing solution this year”; but what Aite failed to say was that in spite of years and years of SOA hype, and countless millions of dollars of SOA marketing, SOA only commands twice the buzz in new project implements.

This is really tremendous news for CEP.