Event-Driven Business Process Management and the Example of the Deutsche Post AG

Christoph Emmersberger and Florian Springer have finished their thesis which was written onsite at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA, USA (Note: the link to this paper is not working now):

Event-Driven Business Process Management taking the Example of Deutsche Post AG:  An evaluation of the Approach of Oracle and the SOPERA Open Source SOA Framework

The topic of this thesis was the prototypical integration of the Oracle products

  • ·Oracle BPEL (Business Process Management),
  • ·Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), and
  • ·Oracle CEP (Complex Event Processing),

within the SOPERA system environment, with the focus on CEP.

For evaluating the capabilities of the components, a business process regarding to shipment, investigation and claim was modelled and implemented.

Different approaches were discussed, evaluated and implemented as prototypes.

The focus of the implementation was to use events for the purpose of monitoring a business process.

3 Responses to Event-Driven Business Process Management and the Example of the Deutsche Post AG

  1. Nigel says:

    The link to the paper is broken; you have set the href to http:// and the title to http://www.citt-online.de/downloads/EmmSpr_Diplomarbeit_Final.pdf – even that gives a 404.

  2. Greg Reemler says:

    Hi Nigel,

    Yes, Oracle seems to have an issue with the public release of the paper.

    Regards, Greg

  3. rainer93138 says:

    Hi Nigel,
    we’ll reload the paper. We only changed some information in chap. 1 about release numbers and dates, not important for the thesis.


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