Military Event Processing Requirements and COTS CEP Software

In Q&A from BCS SPA meeting on CEP,  friend and colleague Paul Vincent says:

 “AFAIK there are no current military systems (as opposed to government intelligence systems) using Commercial Off The Shelf CEP systems, although I recall one commercial product being developed with US military money (your tax $ at work, etc etc).”

Actually, Paul’s statement is slightly misleading.   Companies like StreamBase and AgentLogic have their roots in supporting the military.  In addition, IBM has a number of event processing related solutions in the military.   (There are also others, we suspect.)

It is true, however, that current generation COTS CEP engines do not have the advanced event processing capabilities required for most CEP applications  in the military; but as CEP engines advance, this should change.

4 Responses to Military Event Processing Requirements and COTS CEP Software

  1. What capabilities that military CEP applications require do COTS CEP engines lack and how are those requirements being addressed today?

    Thank you

  2. Greg Reemler says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for visiting.

    You can search this site for a number of archived discussions on this topic.

    Regards, Greg

  3. Don Kovacs says:

    I know that there are US Agency systems that read news tickers, books etc.

    Are there any that read real time news tickers and chart risks and strategies ?

  4. Greg Reemler says:

    Hi Don,

    We don’t know for a fact what you ask is true; but it seems reasonable that there are agencies that chart events and qualify/quantify risk.



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