CEP Product Complexity at Coral8

In What makes a Coral8 Expert?, Coral8 CTO Mark Tsimelzon outlines nearly 60 subject areas that a customer must master to become a Coral8 expert. 

While this complexity is impressive, it tends to demonstrate why CEP is, today, more hype than reality.

I can hear the team at Techrotech in my mind, “Yea! Greg purchased Coral8 for our CEP solutions yesterday!   Holy Cow!! Let’s go out and learn 60 topics in depth so we can become experts in using and deploying Coral8!”

So, let’s say you are intelligent and can master a subject in a single weeks time (if you have nothing else to do), so you can become a Coral8 expert in only one year if you don’t have a day job!!

I don’t know about you, but the way Mark describes their product, Coral8 sounds more like a lab tool for the engineering department of Caltech or Stanford than a tool for everyday business users.  Mark concludes his post;

Not too scary, is it?  – Mark Tsimelzon, President & CTO, Coral8

Hmmmm.   I think I’ll ask the software team at Techrotech to write some event processing applications in C since we have a strong team of C programmers coming off another project next week….  then again, I heard some Java programmers will be free in two weeks …. 


5 Responses to CEP Product Complexity at Coral8

  1. Thaya says:

    On the comment that Coral8 seems like a product mostly suited for research (not business), I’d have to disagree.

    On the long list of features, if you want to become a true expert at any other enterprise level software, you would most likely have to deeply master a list that is just as long. Also, if it takes you less than a year to master all the subjects, then you know that you haven’t mastered them enough.

    In most cases, many business users / programmers learn only enough of a product to get the job done. Although it does seem wasteful to only utilize 25% of a product that you paid top dollars for, imagine if you bought a software at 25% of the price that has only the features you currently use. Businesses / projects shift all the time. Are you certain that your product has the ability to keep up with these changes in a timely manner? This is why it is useful to have the extra features that you currently do not use, but may be useful in the future as your product grows / shifts.

  2. Greg Reemler says:

    Hi Thaya,

    Our readers would expect employees of Coral8 to disagree 🙂


    Thanks for visiting!


  3. Greg, thank you very much for your post. Indeed, Coral8 employees feel passionate about this subject 🙂

    I think you make some very good points, and I discuss this topic further in my response.

    Best regards,

    –Mark Tsimelzon

  4. peter lin says:

    I read Mark’s response. I’m not sure the following statement is possible.

    “It does not take a week, as Greg suggests, to learn each of the 60 topics. It takes maybe an hour, give or take. Which means that in under two weeks customers can become true CEP experts, if their applications demand this level of expertise.”

    A developer might understand what a time window means from a product perspective, but to claim an user can become an expert in a few weeks can’t possibly be true. Just because a developer can write one or two rules using using time windows doesn’t mean they understand temporal logic, or have expertise about event processing. They have expertise for the 2 rules they wrote, but take those same rules and put them into a large set of rules and the picture could change drastically. for example, I’ve been studying RETE algorithm for 8 years and I don’t consider myself an expert. I’ve met people with less than 4 years of experience with RETE claim to be a business rules expert.

    i would be suspicious of anyone claiming to be a CEP expert with just a few weeks of casual experience.

  5. I do work for Coral8 because I believe in the product :).

    Nevertheless, great discussion thread! Looks like the post is making a subscriber out of me.

    I guess the term “expert” here is relative to the user. There is a difference between expert in CEP, expert in using Coral8 software features, and expert in deploying a new project based on Coral8. Each of them takes a different amount of time master and we are all speaking from different perspectives.

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