More on CEP Product Complexity

Mark Tsimelzon, President & CTO, Coral8 replies to CEP Product Complexity at Coral8 with More on CEP and Complexity.

In Mark’s reply he gently reminds us that the Coral8 Engine is a developer’s tool, not a business users tool.  Mark also tacitly reminds us that his customers are a bit smarter than our development team at Techrotech.  Perhaps that is why we can never get our SOA project off the ground!  

Mark’s customers can learn a new concept in a single day; however, our developers need a full week to learn the same thing.   Making matters more difficult, our CIO at Techrotech, Jerry Fleck is clueless according to the marketing analysts.  Jerry has not yet figured out SOA; so concepts like windows, joins, design patterns, causal tracking, messaging layers, adapters, CCL, and persistance will cause Jerry to fall Off the Grid.

It took us years to get rid of most of our legacy C programmers, bring in a bunch of Java gurus, and at the same time, correct our stock option backdating “clerical errors”.    Maybe we should now replace our worthless legal and HR departments with a CEP Engine?



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