Some Comments on the EPTS Member Agreement

The Event Processing Technical Society (EPTS) has been meeting, informally, for around three years.  Now there is a Call for EPTS Founding Members, from the EPTS Steering Committee and a related Members Agreement for the EPTS.

Here are my initial comments:

First, the Member Agreement calls for the EPTS Steering Committee (EPTSTC), basically the same committee that has been in place for three years to date, to continue their work for two more years before a general election.  This means that the current committee will have been in place for more than 5 years before a general election is held.

My comment is that the folks currently on the EPTSTC are good people, there is no doubt about this.  However, I believe that the event processing community would be better served if a generally election was held within 3 months of formalizing the EPTS membership.

There are many reasons for doing this, and I don’t think it is necessary to describe all the benefits.  The benefits far outweight any downside, so I would urge the EPTS Steering Committee to revise the Member Agreement immediately (because the agreement was sent out before soliciting general comments from the EPTS community at large).

Second,  the Member Agreement specifies that every two years, only half of the Steering Committee will be elected.      I disagree with this approach and think that all of the Steering Committee should be reelected every two years.  

The rationale for this is that the EPTS Steering Committee is not a governing body like the US Congress where changes in public sentiment can impact national security.   It is much better to have the entire Steering Committee up for relection every two years.   

I have quite a few other concerns the with EPTS Member Agreement.   Basically, the agreement needs to be written with an eye toward a more flexible, open and inclusive process that puts the future of the EPTS square into the hands of the event processing community, not a small group of well intended folks who represent a small part of the overall event processing community and worldview.

In closing, the EPTS Membership Agreement should be rewritten and the draft should go out for open comments before sending out a final version (as was done this time).   The entire process should also be transparent, in my opinion.

2 Responses to Some Comments on the EPTS Member Agreement

  1. Opher Etzion says:

    Hi Greg. EPTS started its activities two years ago in an informal meeting, the idea to create a consortioum has been proposed in the following meeting, so in essence this steering committee exist 1.5 years – it represents currently a collection of vendors that collectively have the majority of business in this area, and this is vital if we want to get agreement. There idea is to do elections sometimes in 2009. After the agreement has passed many eyes in all the organizations that belong to the steering committee, and various legal teams, it was decided that we’ll start with this agreement, and not open it to further comments – since we want to converge it in a finite time. As for the procedures — nothing is holy, and everything can be changed in time, in a democratic way. Instead of crtisizing, I challenge you to register, be active, lead workgroups, and contribute to the EPTS. Our aim is to be inclusive, have the entire community participating and contributing – but we need to start somewhere.



  2. Greg Reemler says:

    Hi Opher,

    Yes, you are correct, the substance of the EPTS Steering Committee (before the form of the name was formalized) has been in place prior to the first Workshop on Event Processing, held at IBM Research Labs, Yorktown Heights March 14th – 16th 2006.

    So, in principle (substance over form) the current EPTS Steering Committee has been in place now over two years, at least for 26 months.

    Hence, your plan insures that the same Committee remains in control of the direction of EPTS for another 24 months after adoption of the form of the EPTS, so it will be getting close to 5 years with the same Steering Committee.

    I think this is not the right way to build a representative community, quite frankly. Better to hold a general election immediately and insure the EPTS Steering Committee is a legitimate representative body vs. a self-appointed group forwarding their own agenda.

    I am sure you will be (re)elected 🙂

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