Congrats to Coral8 and Marc Adler at Citigroup

In Coral8 is Our Choice or “How the Hell Did We Get Here?”, Marc Adler does his normal (and now expected) fantastic job of cutting past the CEP marketing hype and getting to the meat of the issues, from an actual user’s perspective.  Marc is spot on in his evaluation of the various so-called CEP vendors.   I highly recommend you read Marc’s post above.

The bottom line, today, is that CEP software products have a long way to go to live up to the current CEP hype and none are really doing what we would call “CEP”.   So, in the current market, the intangibles, as Marc points out, are critically important.  

Coral8 has recently demonstrated to the event processing community that they are above-and-beyond the competition in that category. 

Coral8 has an open software evaluation and licensing model, one you would expect in the year 2003-3005 (this is 2008). 

Coral8 has significant white papers, thought leadership papers and documentation, all freely and readily available. 

Coral8 is standing by to support you in your event processing efforts, from Marc at the big and powerful Citigroup (be careful of your subprime portfolio) to consultants in Asia (be careful of mosquitos), you can count on Coral8’s leadership to support you.

As Marc keenly pointed out, it is not the final imaginary number in low latency that is important; nor is it important that you call yourself the “top leader” and the “creator of the standards” that makes you important; nor is it how innovative or smart you are (or think you are).  What is important is your customer service model.

Coral8 has demonstrated to many of us that they take the customer service model very seriously and this is the reason that Coral8 has caught our attention in the past 6 months.

Congrats to both Coral8 and Marc.   We look forward to hearing more about the results of your teamwork and event processing solutions at Citigroup.



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