Congrats to StreamBase and Mark Palmer!

Normally we give a warm congrats to folks when they join a new company.

However, in the case of Mark Palmer joining StreamBase as the new President and COO, I must commend and congratulate StreamBase on hiring a very capable and fantastic leader.   

Mark, don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile when you get some free time  🙂

5 Responses to Congrats to StreamBase and Mark Palmer!

  1. andy menzies says:

    Echo comments. Congrats to Mark

  2. Marc says:

    Greg, he’s COO, not CEO.

    This is a change of companies is hilarious. I wonder what Mark thinks of StreamSQL now !

  3. Greg Reemler says:

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for pointing out the typo.

    Best Regards,


  4. Mark Palmer says:

    Thanks Greg, all.

    The StreamSQL question is a good one, I’m sure it will be the subject of many discussions! But, just for the record, I never actually said SQL was bad / wrong; I was consistent simply in stating that there were many valid ways of expressing a CEP language, SQL was one of them, and objected to the notion, often pushed by StreamBase, that SQL was pre-ordained to be the obvious choice / standard. I still hold the same opinion.

  5. Mark Palmer says:

    My LinkedIn page is updated. Thanks for the reminder : -)

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