Implementing the Event Cloud

In his post, Cloudy Thinking, Marc Adler asks how to implement the event cloud.

As a reminder, we process event clouds; we don’t implement them.   Event clouds simply exist, independent of our desire to process and extract meaningful information from the event cloud.

For example, there are many voices in a crowded stadium.  These voices make up the “sound cloud” (or maybe you prefer the term “voice cloud”), in a manner of speaking.   The “trick” is to have the processing capability to listen to the “sound cloud” and detect opportunities and threats in real-time.   So, in theory, we might call this “complex sound processing”.

Events exists.

The stated goal of CEP is to process event clouds in order to detect opportunities and threats in the business world, in real-time.

We don’t “implement” the event cloud because the events exist independent of our capability to process the cloud and extract meaningful and actionable situational knowledge from the cloud.

However, event clouds are represented as POSETS.  This is directly from the CEP literature.

 Note:  See also, these posts on POSETS.


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