Marc Adler: Analytics are an Integral Part of the CEP Stack

In Recent Buyouts, Marc Adler of Citigroup blogs “Despite what the various pundits of the CEP world say, I still think that analytics are an integral part of the CEP stack.”

Mark also says something else I agree with, “… [TIBCO] Business Events [ … is …] a more workflow-oriented product, something that you would NOT use to pump Level2 quotes through and create algo apps.”

Kudos to Marc!  Very insightful. Keep on blogging!

3 Responses to Marc Adler: Analytics are an Integral Part of the CEP Stack

  1. Paul Vincent says:

    Funnily enough, Marc’s original comment on TIBCO CEP applied to TIBCO BusinessWorks – which of course *is* an event orchestration tool (similar to workflow). Not sure if I would relate BusinessEvents to “workflow” though, as it has *no* orchestration mechanism (outside of the state model, being primarily about events and rules), and *no* manual user management… versus something like iProcess and the WfMC definitions. But then again, it *can* be used for event-driven process modelling …

  2. Tim Bass says:

    Hi Paul,

    I am sure Marc knows the difference betweeen TIBCO BusinessEvents and TIBCO BusinessWorks. As you know well, blogging can take a lot of time and Marc simply made a typo.

    Since workflow is rule-based and TIBCO’s BE is rule-based, it is natural for folks to tag BE as orchestration-oriented. This is also congruent with how BE have been used with a number of TIBCO customers.

    Yours faithfully, Tim

  3. Paul Vincent says:

    <> Do you mean “in the sense that any orchestration can be broken down to, and therefore represented as, a set of rules”? If so, I concur, but note that in model-driven engineering, orchestrations are not conventionally considered (or implemented as) “rule based”.

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