Agent Logic is Not the Leading CEP Vendor, Sorry.

November 19, 2007

This press release just came across my desk, Agent Logic’s Release of RulePoint. The press release has one of the more laughable statements I have read in a CEP-related press release for quite some time.

“Agent Logic, the leading provider of user-driven Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today announced the general availability of RulePoint…”

Come on guys!   Get control of your marketing department!  

Agent Logic is not the leading provider of user-driven CEP software.

Complex Event Processing – Believe the Hype?

November 19, 2007

Excellent Water’s CEP round table with representatives from IBM, BEA, HSBC and more.  Quite impressive in the video were Kevin Pleiter who is responsible for emerging technology solutions for IBM’s Global Financial Services Sector and Malcolm West, the Chief Software Architect of HSBC’s Corporate, Investment Banking and Markets division.

Complex Event Processing – Believe the Hype? Hosted by Phil Albinus

Topics discussed:

Chapter 1 – Introduction, are firms putting too much emphasis on CEP? What are the myths of CEP vs. the realities?

Chapter 2 – CEP in Action, where are investment firms deploying CEP technologies? CEP software claims to deliver real-time insight, but is the technology ready? How do you benchmark performance metrics? What do you provide in terms of system management and operations control?

Chapter 3 – Standards, do you participate in standard setting bodies (SQL for streaming, java for streaming Xml etc)? Is a lack of standard hurting the wide-spread adoption of CEP?

Chapter 4 – CEP Expansions, how can CEP help manage data volumes and infrastructure? Besides algorithmic trading, where are firms using CEP? Observers note that CEP is moving towards middleware. What can it offer to this space?

Chapter 5 – Conclusion, are firms using CEP to the best of their abilities? Do the late-comers have enough time to catch up to the early adopters?

Original Survey on Event Processing Languages

November 19, 2007

A few of us have been discussing event processing languages (EPLs) for a number of years, advocating that SQL-like languages are appropriate for certain classes of CEP/EP problems, but not all.

Some readers might recall that I published a draft survey on EPLs to the Yahoo! CEP Interest group titled, (DRAFT) A Survey of Event Processing Languages (EPLs), October 15, 2006 (version 14).

A number of us CEP “grey beards” have consistently advocated that there are EPLs and analytics that are optimal for certain classes of event processing problems (and, in turn, there also are EPLs that are suboptimal for certain classes of event processing problems).

For readers who do not frequent the Yahoo! CEP group, below here is a link to a copy of the original survey.